2 Apr 2011

Indian Language Typing Softwares : Marathi, Hindi, Tamil, Gujarati, Telugu, Kannada, Urdu

Indian Language Typing Software : Nowadays Regional languages are getting more preference in local Indian market, English is first most used business language in India, but there is huge regional divide. Indian has more than 6, 00,000 (6 lacks) villages in its heart; Businesses who want to capture these markets need to adapt to local languages for promotion of product, advertising etc.

Here we take example of Maharashtra, Where Marathi is Primary Language. Expect Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur English is hardly used in daily life and for business also. So there is increasing demand of softwares in Marathi language. But it will take time get Marathi or local language fully fledged softwares. So for time being we will shift this discussion to English to Marathi dictionary, translator software or online services.

There are some companies like 2keystroke, marathityping.com, lipikaar, quillpad.in, ism, akruti; aps offers Marathi typing softwares, English to Marathi, Hindi to Marathi dictionary software or online services.

  • Marathityping .com : Marathityping .com offer very simple and easy to use online Marathi typing software. It’s also provided in detail information  on Marathi font.  We will also going to come up with article on Indian local languages font , Web fonts etc. You can search in above search engine for e.g. “Marathi fonts” etc. 

Lipikaar : Lipikaar is one such online Indian local language support service who is giving all primary local language support at one place. Languages like Arabic, Assamese,Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Kashmiri, Konkani, Malayalam, Marathi, Nepali, Oriya, Punjabi, Sanskrit, Sindhi, Tamil, Telugu, and Urdu are supported in Lipikaar. I have a comprehesive guide for How to install , how to register, how to activate and how to use Lipikaar software.
Lipikaar offers software in 2 methods, one is software download for PC and other is Firefox add on. It  also offers free download of Trial Version
Anyone can use free downloadable Lipikaar Firefox Mozilla add on for Marathi or other language online support.

  • Quillpad : Quillpad is also very famous and most used Indian local language service, it can be defined as top Marathi, Hindi, Tamil, kananda, Guajarati , Tamil, Telugu, Nepali, and Punjabi typing software or service. Quillpad is famous is because it has good client list, they have very good marketing methods, for example Maharashtra government suggest the Quillpad for there all online state government services and same for other states also, This gives Quillpad edge over other softwares in Indian local market.

2Keystroke : 2Keystroke offers online virtual Marathi keyboard, Along with Marathi it supports.  2Keystroke don’t support the Phonetic writing , it’s same as typing on genuine Marathi keyboard.


kennady said...

Nice information ....Thanks for sharing the information about Tamil language typing software....

Lolitha said...

Azhagi is one of the best software for typing tamil letters using English keyboard. Tamil app is a best tool for learning tamil alphabets and tamil language letters. Everyone can learn themselves using this tool because its in audio, video format.

Raj said...

Thank You

The given information is very

i will keep updated with the same

business management


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